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At Woodleigh, we are dedicated to fostering a thriving agricultural community and advancing sustainable practices. Our media page showcases the heart of our operations, and highlighting the incredible partnerships and collaborations that drive our mission forward.

We believe that agriculture can be a force for positive change. Join us on our media page to explore, and be inspired as we cultivate a future where sustainable farming practices and environmental goals go hand in hand.

Together, let's grow a better tomorrow!  

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New Ventures!

Explore the exciting new facets of our farm us we diversifying our operations to meet the evolving needs of the agriculture industry and our community.

We are excited to announce our newest venture "Catching Carbon" ! 

   Starting in 2024 Woodleigh has launched a brand new division at the farm Catching Carbon, a Forest Biomass Recovery Service. We will offer forest services including plantation thinning's, storm clean-up, and trail and lot clearing. We have invested in some state of the art specialized forestry equipment such as Vimek Duo Harvester, it combines a harvester and a forwarder in one machine, efficiency in small-scale forestry is important. We have also purchased a Mecalac Excavator equipped with a grapple saw, a fast moving lightweight machine with exceptional capabilities. In partnership with the Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA) and with funding from the Ontario Forest Biomass Program we are excited to begin our new venture contributing to the recovery of unmarketable forest biomass by converting it to compost, and compost extracts to use as organic soil amendments on farm.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Explore the dynamic collaborations that propel Woodleigh to new heights. From innovative research projects to impactful initiatives, we're committed to working hand-in-hand with like-minded organizations to cultivate a sustainable future.

 At Woodleigh we believe it is important to be part of a community and to work together to find new sustainable and ecological practices. Collaborating and partnerships with such organizations as the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, Ontario Woodlot Association, Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association Sweet Ontario, Green Economy Peterborough and Ontario Soil Network. 

Partnership with the Ontario Woodlot Association February 2024

Woodleigh Farms is excited to be part of a new partnership with the Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA), collaborating to help with the Kawartha Community Forest Owners Cooperative as well as Woodleigh's new forest biomass recovery program and carbon sequestration goals. Elliot Groen the Sustainable Forestry Coordinator at the OWA met with Norm Lamothe from Woodleigh to view some plantations and prepare for harvest. 

Researched-based Projects

Dive into the cutting-edge projects at the core of our commitment to excellence. We believe in leveraging the latest research to enhance our farming practices, ensuring productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

 Woodleigh Farms has participated in several researched-based projects, including on-going soil testing with Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, as well as participating in their Environmental Plan Development and their OnFarm Applied Research and Monitoring Program. We have also worked with the Ontario Soil Network on and Oat Variety study in 2021, and worked on a Best Management Practices Study.

Click Here to Read About Woodleigh's OnFarm Case Study

News Articles

Stay informed with the latest updates and industry insights. Our news section keeps you in the loop on breakthroughs, industry trends, and the inspiring stories that unfold within the our community.

Peterborough Examiner Article February 7th 2024

GreenUP: How Environmentally Friendly Practices Can Save Farms Money

Read the Article by Natasha Sheward CLICK HERE to find out how environmental stewardship and sustainable practices help Woodleigh farms to cultivate healthier soils and crops and and financial stability.

Better Farming February Issue  2024
Sustainability Through
Diversity at Woodleigh Farms

Read the article in the Better Farming magazine By Emily Croft and how Woodleigh Farms finds sustainability through diversity. CLICK HERE

Check out our Article "Oh Carbon, My Carbon" in the OWA'S The Ontario Woodlander Issue 113 Winter 2023

Norm Lamothe farm Leader at Woodleigh talks with Ashley MacRae OWA Forest Conservation Coordinator, Kawartha Chapter, discussing regenerative farming at Woodleigh and our goal to sequester as much carbon as possible. 

You can read the full article below.

Check out our Article in the Peterborough Examiner Oct. 2023

The article titled 'Net Zero Farms Pilot Project Launched at Woodleigh Farms in Cavan" Takes a look at a pilot project and partnership between Green Economy Peterborough and Farms at Work. Net Zero will assist farmers to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations, Norm Lamothe our farm leader shares his goals and plans that are supporting sustainability. 

Read the full article below.

Front Page of The Globe and Mail "Canada's New Farm Team" August 2023

Lana Hall reports on Canada’s new farm team, as extreme weather bakes their soil, young farmers are helping one another to embrace new techniques, lower emissions and (they hope) still earn a living.
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Check out our shout-out in the Kawartha Now September 2021

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Regenerative and Sustainable Practices

 Join us on our journey towards environmental stewardship. Discover how Woodleigh is pioneering regenerative farming practices and sustainable initiatives, contributing to a healthier planet and resilient agricultural ecosystems.

"Leadership in Climate Resilient Agriculture" Farms at Work Award May 2023

As part of Green Economy Peterborough Leadership in Sustainability Awards and Celebration, Woodleigh Farms accepted the Leadership in Climate Resilient Agriculture. The award is an opportunity to celebrate agricultural resilience in East Central Ontario. Leading with impact, education and demonstration, the recipient of this award actively integrates sustainable and climate resilient agricultural practices, such as regenerative agriculture, while going above and beyond to share their learning with others - such leadership is found at Woodleigh Farms! Their focus on soil health (and thus climate resilience) can be seen through their sustained cover cropping, low-till practices, and bringing livestock back to the land.

Norm Lamothe and family at Woodleigh farms are deepening their impact by sharing their knowledge with the community, as evident through their on-farm educational space, educational program participation, and on-farm demonstration plots.

Photo credit to Doughty Photography

Woodleigh work with Ontario Soil Network regarding Best Management Practices Trials 2021

The 2021 BMP being trailed is Soybeans under no-till management preceded by an organic amendment (Biosolids, Compost). There are also cover crops, interseeding with variable rate nitrogen applications, use of variable rate technologies, rotation, small grains, and measuring profit vs. yield and targeted soil sampling. The field is a uniform hillslope on a very rolling landscape on a loam till soil. The soil health goals are to increase organic matter and microbial health and optimize fertility inputs. We are starting a long term rotation trial (has been corn/soy for nearly 30 years, and we will keep 120' of this field in that same rotation indefinitely, while we transform the rest of the field to a four crop rotation of corn/soy/wheat/oats.

Carbon Sequestration

We are committed to on-going carbon sequestration and we are actively working towards carbon-neutral farming practices. We are always taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener tomorrow, with the installation of solar panels, the purchase of an electric car and our environmentally conscious farming practices. Stay Tuned for exciting new ventures we are working on to help Woodleigh meet our carbon sequestrating goals!

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