Sustainability and Diverse Rotations

We care about the environment, soil, and future of our farm. As such, we have practices that will ensure the longevity of the earth beneath our feet. These include longer rotations (corn, soy, oats, wheat), erosion control (planted hay fields on susceptible areas), windbreaks and forest protection (replanting non-productive lands, maintaining strategic fence lines), ensuring diverse habitats for birds & insects (not mowing sensitive areas, planting native habitats), and ensuring we minimize traffic (compaction) and tillage practices (organic matter reduction) in our fields.  

Feeding The Soil -  Cover Crops

We often judge the health of a field by the crop it grows above. It is the soil, microbes and fungi underneath our feet that determines the yield potential above the ground. By planting cover crops, our goal is to ensure that there is a constant balance and food sources for these important elements, which ultimately provide better nutrient cycling, water infiltration and overall soil heath.