In 2022 Woodleigh introduced livestock into it's farm practices for rotationally crop grazing, with about 100 hair sheep including Barbados Black Belly and Katahdin. Our lambs are pasture fed and rotationally grazed during the growing season and fed high quality hay during the winter. These sheep play a pivotal role in maintaining the health of our fields by grazing cover crops, enriching the soil with their natural fertilization, and preventing the need for synthetic inputs. Our environmental stewardship extends to our lamb production, where we prioritize the well-being of our animals and the quality of the final product. Customers who seek ethically raised and local sourced lamb cuts appreciate the care and attention we invest in every aspect of our operation. From the lush pastures where our sheep graze to the hands-on humane processing of our lamb, at Woodleigh we are dedicated to sustainable ethical management. Satisfied customers rave about the exceptional flavor and tenderness of our lamb, a testament to the dedication we invest in every aspect of our farm.

Price List

ground lamb $12/lb
stewing (1') and curry pieces (<1'')  $12/lb
chops (4-6 per package) $25/lb
rack $23/lb
leg roasts $15/lb
*whole lamb and organ meat also available

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