We Eat What We Grow

Under our subsidiary "Cavan Fresh", and following sustainable practices, we grow a variety of fruit, vegetables, perennials, house plants, and annual nursery stock in our 3 acre garden and in our eco friendly year-round passive solar greenhouse.

Organic Maple Syrup

We have been producing maple syrup on our farm for over 40 years. Our Certified Organic Maple Syrup available year round, and we offer a variety of sizes, styles and flavours to meet the need of every taste bud. Woodleigh's maple syrup is Pure Liquid Gold!

 Technology Guided Agriculture

Woodleigh uses advanced technologies, such as GPS guidance, variable rate applications of fertilizer, targeted soil sampling and data collected by drones and satellites to help guide our decisions. These help us produce a crop in a sustainable, environmentally responsible fashion.

Forest Biomass Recovery 

Launched in January 2024 Woodleigh Farms will now offer Forestry Services, including plantation thinning's, storm clean-up, and lot & trail clearing. 
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Woodleigh introduced livestock back in 2022 into it's farm practices for rotationally crop grazing, with about 100 hair sheep including Barbados Black Belly and Katahdin. Our rotational grazing, is a practice that ensures our sheep have access to fresh, nutrient-rich pasture throughout the year. This not only promotes the health and well-being of our flock but also contributes to the sustainable management of our land. We are pleased to offer you a premium selection of lamb cuts that exemplify exceptional quality and taste.