Catching Carbon

“Catching Carbon” a division focused on capturing biomass waste and converting these to soil amendments, fertilizer offsets and other value-added opportunities. Waste materials will primarily comprise of unmarketable forest biomass materials (plantation thinning's, storm and forest remediation) as well as agricultural materials such as, manures, straw, stover and cover crop residues. 
This program launched in January 2024
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Compost Production

At Woodleigh sustainability and productivity converge through our dedicated on-site composting practices. Composting is the cornerstone of our commitment to ecological stewardship, turning organic waste into a nutrient-rich elixir for our soil. By harnessing the power of compost, we not only reduce the environmental impact of waste but also enhance the fertility and structure of our fields. This natural, organic fertilizer boosts soil health, improves water retention, and encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms. As a result, our crops flourish with vitality, producing yields of unparalleled quality. We invite you to witness the transformational benefits of our on-farm composting, as we cultivate a resilient, regenerative agricultural ecosystem that nurtures both the land and the community. Join us in sowing the seeds of a sustainable and prosperous future, rooted in the principles of responsible farming.

Wood Vinegar (Pyroligneous Acid)
Compost Extract

Soil Amendments

Welcome to our thriving farm, where we cultivate a commitment to sustainable agriculture through the positive utilization of soil amendments. At the heart of our mission lies the belief that nurturing the soil is key to yielding bountiful, high-quality crops. We proudly embrace eco-friendly practices, incorporating biochar, pyroligneous acid, and compost extract into our cultivation methods. Biochar, derived from organic matter, enhances soil fertility and promotes water retention, ensuring a resilient and nutrient-rich foundation for our crops. Pyroligneous acid contributes to plant vitality, acting as a natural growth stimulant and fostering a robust ecosystem. Compost extract, teeming with beneficial microorganisms, fortifies the soil structure, fostering a harmonious balance. Join us in embracing the transformative power of these soil amendments, as we cultivate a sustainable and prosperous future for our farm and the environment.

Plantation Thinning's
Storm Clean-up
Lot & Trail Clearing

Forestry Services

Step into a world where sustainable forestry meets environmental innovation at our farm. We proudly offer comprehensive forestry services dedicated to recovering forest biomass and fostering a healthier, resilient ecosystem. Through services like plantation thinnings, storm clean-up, and lot & trail clearing, we not only ensure the preservation of our forests but also transform the collected biomass into a range of environmentally beneficial products. By converting forest biomass into compost, compost extract, biochar, and wood vinegar, we actively contribute to carbon sequestration and promote regenerative land practices. Our commitment extends beyond mere cleanup – it's a promise to nurture the land. Join us in embracing the positive outcomes of our forestry services, where every fallen branch becomes a catalyst for sustainable farming, enriching the soil and cultivating a greener, more harmonious environment for generations to come.


We offer services in Cavan/Monaghan/Peterborough and surrounding areas!

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Follow us on our Sustainability Journey

As our farm business embraces a sustainable journey, we are actively incorporating practices that align with our commitment to environmental stewardship. Composting serves as a fundamental element in our strategy, transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich compost that enhances soil health. Looking toward the near future, we are eager to implement biomass waste conversion techniques to produce biochar, an innovative method that not only sequesters carbon effectively but also enriches the soil with long-lasting benefits. This dual approach aligns with the principles of circular agriculture, as we minimize waste and optimize resource utilization. By integrating composting and biochar production into our operations, we are not only reducing our environmental impact but also fostering a regenerative farming system. This sustainable journey reflects our dedication to cultivating a resilient and harmonious relationship between agriculture, carbon sequestration, circular practices, and soil vitality.

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